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What should I be reading into this?

I have this make friend who I'm kind of flirty with.lately he has started signing his text messages with a 'x'.what should I take this as?

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    Well, it seems that he likes friend sort off or more....or why don't you ask him straight so that you don't have any misunderstanding.

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    it depends on the person reaally. Alot of people just put a 'x' if they are confortable and friends with them.. if someone puts 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' then ovbiously it might mean something but i think that to show if he liked youu he would show other signs then putting a x,so if you do like him... look for more signss:)) good luck!!

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    well thers a guy i knw he likes me and he puts x's on his texts too, but i t really depends if he started it and if he does it all answers. if he didnt start it hes eith saying he likes you back or just mimicing wat you do its kindda a hard one to read with out reading ur whoole conversations x soz i couldnt help further x

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