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Learning piano by lesson or self study?

I want to start playing piano and am planned to purchase one. After I did this, should I take lessons, which is quite expensive, or should I purchase learning methods for self study?

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I want to learn both classical and other music that is out there these days, for example: Bruno Mars, Adele. Oh and 50 minutes of piano lesson is around 53 euro's here.

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    I would still recommend a teacher, if you want to be successful. Only geniuses can manage something as difficult as this. (Being successful without a teacher) Self learners usually can get up to perhaps grade 3 or 4. As you go to a higher difficulty you may find that a teacher is necessary. Also, a teacher is always there to help push you to practice your scales and all that. I've kept on changing teachers. I hired the cheaper ones when I first started learning, and as I improve I find more skillful teachers. And without a teacher, I can self learn, but I often get too lazy to practice... PS: My grandma had a teacher too, and then she decided to self learn. She had GREAT interest in piano as well. She would play to 2 hours by herself every day. But then, the songs got more difficult and she couldn't handle it anymore, so she quit. I think at a point of my piano playing, I really felt like stopping too.

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    In my opinion , first you should take lessons for classical piano and after a year or 9 months you could buy some advance books which have CD's on them as well. These books help a lot because when you want to start practicing first you listen to the CD and when you get the rhythm you could learn the song much faster .

    Hope this would help you.


    Source(s): I did this and it work .
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    If you just want to play around with a few simple tunes, then 'self-study' can be OK. If you are in any way serious about playing then you must take lessons or you will be held back by faulty technique and bad understanding of music theory. Think of it this way, 'self study' means you're learning from someone who doesn't know anything about what you're studying. Doesn't sound promising, does it?

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    You should take lesson so you know how to play the piano right and you get better faster when you take lessons.

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  • 9 years ago

    That depends on whether you want to get good at piano or just learn to bang out a few simple chords and simple melody lines.

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    9 years ago

    first you should discuss with your friends if they know a cheap place to study piano. my suggestion is that you should take your piano lesson

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