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Which mobile is better for using internet Nokia"Asha300" or Nokia"5233"?

Hi guys...

I want to buy a new mobile for using internet through GPRS,firstly I thought that I should buy nokia "5233" because it is a symban mobile but then I saw that nokia "Asha300" have 1GHz processor which is more than 52233 so I want to know that in which mobile internet will work faster asha300 or 5233?

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    5233 is better and faster. No s40 is faster than symbian. No s40 can multitask or do even a fraction of the things a symbian can do. Fast processor means nothing, it just means the phone needs it just to run smoothly.

    These are facts.

    Ur choice..

    The asha 300 is still a very high quality feature phone: if it meets ur needs and u like it, go for it. But its still a feature phone, not a smartphone.

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    you at the instant are required to take GPRS Settings out of your telecom operator in accordance to the make & sort of your Handset. Telecom operators have many plans for internet makes use of. choose one that suits u maximum suitable. i'm utilising Airtel's countless (2 GB) for 30 days for Rs ninety 8/- purely

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    Nokia"Asha300" i best Phone...

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