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What can compare to being shot by a paintball?

I'm going paintballing for my birthday. and i was just wondering if anything could compare to a paintball, the most pain it can cause, like if it doesn't explode. Im a kickboxer, so i think i can take it, but i just would like to be aware.

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    To clarify a paintball flying at 270 fps is roughly 180 mph, not 20 mph. The way i think a paintball feels is depending on the paint. Good quality paint usually feels like a rubber band or sometimes you won't even feel it because of the adrenaline. Cheap paintballs ( Monster balls ) on the other hand, they feel more like someone rolling up a wet towel and whipping you across the back. You rarely see monster balls anymore though.

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    Oh nothing bad bro u get a bruise about the size of a quarter. The balls go about 20 mph or 260 fps usually under that highest 270. Really not bad stings a second but if u get shot on the spine I was down I could not move very well at all should not be a problem though. Feels like a small rock hitting u at 20 mph

    Source(s): 5 years of paintballing
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    Nothing really compares to it because of the size of the paintball and velocity. I suppose in terms of overall pain (sting) you could say a large rubber band folded twice and pulled all the way back. But paintballs will bruise and feel a lot different.

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    a blue elastic band...pulled allll the way back, then released on your skin... thats pretty much the same thing. You dont feel like from adrenaline dont worry.

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    Its fine just as long as its not bare skin its a bit like getting pinched quite sharply.

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    Once you get the adrenaline going, you don't really feel it even if it does hurt.

    Source(s): played paintball for years.
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