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how come women never stop talking about absolutely nothing, giggling, and using the word like?

it's just ridiculous how they can ramble on and on and on about absolutely nothing and a guy is supposed to understand their nonsensical garbage. not to mention they throw in the word like after every other word so it's even more indecipherable. what's the point of this behavior anyway? Honestly, if there was who actually liked talking about meaningful things and could keep quiet about the inane b.s. that other never stop talking about i'd marry her on the spot.

btw you girls who overuse the word like deserve a swift kick to the ovaries.

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    Okay first of all, not all girls are like that. Girls usually giggle and talk loads if they like the guy or are nervous. Also I can say the word like a lot but we don't mean to, its an annoying habit which is easy to get into and hard to get out of. BUT let a girl relax and you will be able to have meaningful conversations and she will calm down and talk less. Well that's what I do anyways, it should apply to other humans of the female gender aswell.

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    First of all, who on earth are you meeting?

    Secondly, not all women use the word, "like." It's absolutely pointless and idiotic to overuse such a word. You're just meeting the inarticulate females.

    And, we are women. We can talk about nothing all the time, we can giggle about anything. We love laughing. We're happy person.

    Would you rather date someone who was miserable and never giggled ?

    And also, I feel like you're meeting highschoolers.

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    Blah blah like nothing blah like blah giggle. not like interesting?

    Haha. Most of the time its the same as anyone saying "uh" or "um"". It gives the person a second to think or make sure they are phrasing the next thing right. For some people it becomes habit so they over use it. Now, what may seem like ""talking about nothing" to you may seem like something that matters to the girl. I imagine surrounding yourself with girls that have more things in common may help. I've unfortunately had the same experience with many guys. And about that bullcrap....that's something that both genders are going to have to wear a dunce cap for.

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    You are hanging out with sub standard girls why dont you try hanging out with women instead you know someone mature. They use the word like so much because they dont pick out their sentances before they speak. If you were around mature women not teeny bopper girls you would notice a difference immediatly.

    Btw I think whiney guys who piss and moan about the children they hang out with deserve a swift kick to the nuts :P.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    hmmm Girls who use the word LIKE too much Vs 'btw you girls who overuse the word like deserve a swift kick to the ovaries'. I believe you've balanced the idiocy out.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am a girl, we are built differently to you guys. Personally we find it stupid that you guys don't talk all that much.

    We talk because we enjoy each others company. We like to connect and just hang out and talk. Talking is fun.

    There is a proven study that girls are generally more relaxed than men because of the amount of talking we do. By moving your jaw it relaxes all of the muscles in your body.

    Don't call us stupid because we enjoy each others company. We don't call you stupid for doing whatever you guys do with your friends, now do the same with us.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It looks like they r just nervous when they are around you just give them a break kid your just over doing it, you know what I mean,

    what I mean is they like you man can't you see that,


    they r nervous around you,

    so they just keep on talking and the one they r talking to is feeling that to and they r both trying to win you over,

    if you pick this girl for talking that way you might win me over for doing the same thing,

    because u keep looking at her when she talks like that so their must be something that caught your attention and she wants a peace of the action to.

    peace out!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Maybe there trying to make you laugh cuz they care about you but then again not all girls are like that why do you want a bitchy one who won't care what you!! Think!!?? #just saying

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They watch to much of that mind numbingly boring tv soaps like the city!

  • Faith
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    9 years ago

    i'm a girl and i hate those girls too.

    in my experience they are total airheads and immature and have no communication skills beyond their little gaggle of friends

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