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That moment when it hits you that the one you wish was your valentine is with spending it with someone else?

That moment when the guy who used to like you you were to late to realize that it was you he actually wanted because you thought no one would want you

The moment when you find out he has a baby but that pushes you feelings more into like then before

That moment when you see him and you start to sweat profusely

That moment when you supposed bff goes behind your back to tell his bff that you like him

That moment when you see him and your breathing swallow and start to have an anxiety attack

That moment when these feeling scare you so you run away every time you see him smiling at you

That moment when he tries to talk to you at a party but is co-- blocked

The moment when hes moved on

The moment when your "bff" tells you months later that he was interested and he tried to make a move on you at the party

The moment when you find out she cheated on him but he still wants her

The moment when they get back together

The moment when they break up after only dating 5 months but hes still thinking about her 5 months later

The moment almost a year later you still go to sleep thinking about him dream about him and are unable to concentrating on anything because of regret and reflecting on how little you think of yourslef and what if he was your only hope of love/being sucessful/happy

That moment when you see his smile but dont know thats the last time you will see him

The moment you realize he moved and you have no way of seeing him again/contacting and if so it would be realllly awkardThe moment when you find out hes hooking up with his babys mother

the moment when you find out he spend valentines with his babys mother and you see that shes absolutely goregous and you try to be happy for him since she is his babys mother but that still breaks you heart even though you swear you moved on

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    The moment when you realize that he's not worth your time

    The moment when you realize that there's far better out there

    The moment when you break up with and get over the guy you never dated

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