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i have a shihtzu that might be pregnant?

i have a shih tzu and i think shes pregnant all she does in eat and sleep and she gets sick in the mornings she was in heat about 5 weeks ago and i left her in my mums because she has a male shih tzu so i was hopeing they would breed but last time she was in heat she had the signs of being pregnant but she wasnt i dont know how long she has to be for you to take her to the vet so if anyone can help id be very greatful tanks

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    The only way to know is to take the dog to a vet .

    My advice would be get her spayed Shih tzu suffer from genetic defects ,and if this is not tested your passing on a life time of misery to a litter.

    Having had a Shih Tzu that suffered with genetic defects he was a rescue dog ,it broke my heart to see him suffer so much

    Do the right thing and spay your pet quality dog

  • Your vet can do a blood test or ultrasound to be sure. The symptoms you described (increased eating/sleeping and vomiting) are common signs. Other signs include abnormal behaviour traits, nipple growth, change in the nipple color, clear vaginal discharge, and a non-interest in males.

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