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who would win in a fight batman or spiderman?

..... who is going to win?

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    spidermans spidey sense definatly gives him an edge against the typical sneak attacks and batarangs that batman usually does from the shadows, in hand to hand combat batman is better but not as strong, and spiderman is faster. so upon their first encounter i think spiderman would win, however batman always comes prepared for his enemy the second time around, so im sure hed have some kind of device to disrupt his spidey sense and pwn spiderman the next time they meet.

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    Batman is as strong as an Olympic athlete and a master of all martial arts, a brilliant strategist and psychologist, equipped with cutting-edge technological and years of top-level experience.

    But Spider-Man is about thirty times as physically strong as him, is faster and tougher, has a developed immunity to many different poisons (mostly through exposure) and can walk on walls and ceilings. He also possesses either web shooters or actual web glands, enhanced sensitivity to vibrations (and possibly otherwise enhanced senses) and a sixth sense which warns him of impending danger. PLUS also years of top-level experience!

    In a straight-up fight, Spidey wins. He has no obvious weaknesses like Superman (There is no Spider-Kryptonite).

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    As good as Spiderman is, I think Batman would be clever enough to outwit him and take the victory

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    Haha .. For sone kinda VIDEOGAME It depends on who plays with it..

    If related in some movie , it depends on DIRECTOR or the STORY WRITER...

    Because they are just FICTIONAL characters they dont exists really and so their powers are not defined... In SPIDERMAN 2(movie) he himself was more powerful then himself in SPIDERMAN 1 (movie) this was happening because the director or the screen play writer wanted... But both have their individual powers...

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    i would say batman he's got cool gadgets to cut spidermans web and considering that's the only thing spiderman has he's screwed but it would be a close fight :)

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    it would be batman because he has more experience and has better tech

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