How to do up your room, without any money?

I have no money but I want to completely change my room, I am 13 and my sister 8 who I share my room with. At the moment she has sylvanian families and a pink castle. We are selling some stuff on eBay and giving some stuff to charity. Our room is always a mess and I want it to be really nice and tidy, like, the whole time! We adore Cath Kidston and have masses of it. I want our new room to look really modern...Please give me storage and room ideas! Thanks-You!

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  • 9 years ago
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    No money and a complete change is a good challenge!

    Seems as if storage is your main problem. If you want the room always to be tidy, then you have to have a place for everything so you can put everything in its place (a very old maxim, and true).

    So first, you have to look at the kinds of things your room has to house. Make a list, or sort everything into piles: - clothes, books, ?toys, ?games, etc - and decide on its "place." This means bookshelves on the wall, if no bookcase. A couple of large cartons (paint them) or crates of some kind for toys or games, and so on.

    If you don't have enough hanging and drawer space for clothes, then that's definitely something that should be provided for you out of someone else's budget! The most space-efficient way is to hang a curtain on a pole either across an alcove or across a whole wall, which covers a high shelf and a hanging rail. This is because as well as hanging clothes, you'll be left with space on the floor for boxes, drawer units, things and also shelf space, all - whether neat or not! - behind a curtain so screened off from sight.

    Next re-organize the furniture that you have to keep in such a way as to maximise the space e.g. the two beds lengthways along walls, meeting in a corner, rather than sticking out from the wall, leaving the middle of the floor clear. You could make them look more like sofas.

    I used to make the most of the under-bed space by having a bed on high legs with, again, curtains, or it could be a deep valance - I bought a cabin bed that had a so-called tent. As my daughter grew older, I replaced the tent flaps with appropriate, attractive curtains. This meant a good space for things that were too large to put away eg dolls pram when younger, large boxed items later on.

    Just a few ideas for you. Hope they help. Have fun!

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    9 years ago

    Okay well you wont be able to do it with NO money at all, but if you save up a little and keep what you've made from selling then you will have a little to work from. the easiest thing to make your room look modern, it sounds stupid, but the bed sheets, this is a mayjor part of the room becuase its normally the biggest thing people see, excuding the walls and floor. if you can affort a good devet sheet and pillow cases, get a throwover, plain black or white, and a little pillow to hide most of your pillows. next you will need a little rug if you cant afford to change the carpet, then curtains, the most modern curtains are the flyaway curtains, these are thin netting sort of material, i have some in my room and there really modern, but you will need a blind behind it, i suggest black blind and white curtains. next if you cant afford wallpaper, get a cheap can of paint and do your walls with, and put a border round the middle, this is modern. for storage you should get one of those shoe racks/normal racks made of material, this will tie your rooms together and make it look cute and modern, these arnt expensive and you can get them from cheap stores like ''home bargains'' or ''TK max'' but they dont last too long, but there more affordable than drawers. next for more storage, get little storage boxes, these are cheap and make you look organised and modern, plain black is good, they have a lid too, so it doesnt matter what you put in them becuase nobody can see, they look like they can a coating of leather on them, so its good for modern. next is just get a little wall clock, this will tie the room together. its shouldnt cost too much altogether, depending on the things you get, like the rug will be expensive if you want a good quality one, but if you want a medium quality one, it wont be too expensive. dont forget, shop around to find the deals becuase you dont want to pay more than you need to! -Rachael xoxo

  • 9 years ago

    It's kind of hard to decorate your room with no money I suggest you Mae somthing like a wall full of pictures that are in a shape of somthing

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