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How to lose weight and gain muscle?

Ok so my basic routine is work out 1 day then let my muscles rest for 1 day then work out the next day. So its basically like this one day i work out then the next one i don't and it just goes like that. I barely started 2 days ago meaning 2 days ago i worked out and yesterday i dint to let my muscles rest and today i worked out again. Is that a good way to lose weight? Also each day that i work out i push myself a little bit more like 2 days ago i did about 75 sit ups today i did 150 in sets of 3 meaning that i did 50 then rested then another 50 and then the other 50. I also did some other exercises so is my work out routine good? or should i work out every day? and what other exercises are good for the stomach?

because im kinda chubby and im trying to lose weight and they say that if you don't work out and then you start working out your muscles tissues rip and it takes a wile for them to rebuilt stronger thats why i think that i should work out one day and then rest the next but what do you think is that a good way to loose weight?

thanks in advance


what i mean by loosing weight is loosing weight of fat not muscle so i am ok if i gain muscle weight i just don't want fat weight i want to have a flat stomach because is kinda big :D

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    BD muscles does NOT weigh more than fat it is just a joke that people say and kind of a half - myth.

    You should be doing cardio EVERY DAY such as running, then going to the gym and working out muscles on monday, wednsday, and friday. If 3 days a week at the gym is too hard for you then just go with 2 days.

    Each day at the gym you train a specific muscle group, for example on monday you train chests and triceps, on wednsday you train biceps and back, then on friday you train abs and legs.

    The cardio everyday will burn fat, the gym will burn fat because you will turn that fat into muscle, all thats left is diet and your lifestyle.

    For your diet eat high protein foods, chicken breast and eggs are very good. Milk is a good drink with a lot of protein. If you want to get serious you can buy a protein shake. You should be sleeping A LOT, preferrably about 10 hours a day. One of the most important things is sleeping, most people do what you are doing and wonder why they are not losing weight when they get 6 hours of sleep a day, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.

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    If you want to lose body fat, do go with cardio every day. You may hear people saying give rest with cardio, but cardio can actually be done every day without any rest day. A good cardio is where you can keep your heart rate at a steady rate for more than 20 minutes, and less than 45 minutes(this is just one case, not always). Remember in your head that working out is just a secondary task in losing body fat, while your primary should be concentrated on the diet you are having. If you progressed from 75 to 150 sit ups in just one workout, you are not training properly. Sit ups do work your abs, but if you want better result aim for crunches. I won't force you into doing them a certain way, but they should be done slowly, and not rapidly. Get in your position for crunches, roll in your abs, stop for a second, then go back down as slow as you can, then without releasing the tension in your abs, go back up and repeat. If you choose to do them this way, and perform each rep properly, you should only be able to perform 2 to less than 10 reps in your first set. You do not need to workout everyday considering weight lifting as your muscle rebuilds and grow while you rest, not while you workout. As you progress further in weight lifting you will require more than a day of rest for the muscle that has been worked on.

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    Muscle weighs more than fat.

    So, with that said, you may gain more weight if you work out more. If you burn off fat, you may lose weight. Gaining muscle will only make you weigh more.

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