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did i just have IB(implantation) ?

Okay, so earlier at work about 3pm i had weird uterus pains nothing bad but made me say' what the h*** was that' then followed by some faint cramps in ovary. then about 8pm-11pm i notice cramping mild nothing like 'AF' or 'O' then about 12am i got a awful headache now a hour ago something told me to check my cervix and i checked very gentle! i had a spec of pinkish light red in my cm think IB is starting??

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    You haven't given dates of when your period is due or when you think you conceived, but if you're within 7-12 days after you think you conceived then yes it could possibly be.

    Unless you irritated your cervix slightly and caused some bleeding.

    I get extreme discomfort when I ovulate - I can actually tell which ovary is releasing an egg every month.

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