There are Gay People & Then there are Sickos?

There are disgusting stereotypes that gay men prey on small boys. Why the hell are people making up these disgusting stereotypes against gay people? If an old man preys on a small boy, in my eyes that is not homosexuality, that is a pedophilia and disgusting. It's funny when heterosexual homophobes make fun of this stereotype, because MOST heterosexual men adore having sex with 18 year old girls, because of how tight their vaginas are. Some heterosexual men have had sex with younger girls barely under the age of consent, and still have the nerve to question gay people and pedophilia.

This is what made me ask this question:

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  • Moore
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    9 years ago
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    You'd be right.

    It has to do with how the media selectively covers crime. As appalling as child molestation is, it's so common that it would be ho-hum news if they reported on every single instance of it. Because America is still very homophobic, same-sex child molestation is even more appalling than opposite sex, so those are the ones that get all the headlines. Thousands of girls are molested by adult men every year and they are far and away the majority if you look at the National Crime stats, but they never make the news. The media thinks those are "boring" because it's so commonplace. This unfortunately create a false impression that same-sex abuse is more common. Even most of the Catholic Priest scandals were about girls, not boys.

    Religious fanatics love to latch onto propaganda like this because they use it as part of their anti-gay bigotry agenda.

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