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You think its right for us to be friends?

I'm 15 and this guy I'm really good friends with is 4 years older to me :\ we get along really well but since he is my sisters friend too..she doesn't like me talking to him...its been a couple of months since we're friends now :P And I like him as a friend :) you think this is okay? What if it becomes more than just friends?


Hes told me that I'm more than just a friend to him and how Im just like him and how its so much of fun talking to me and all :D I don't wanna rush into things..and hes like I don't wanna piss your sister off too since shes a good friend of mine too..and we text all the time..but my sisters like cmon hes 4 years older to you...go get guys of ur own age! Its not like im sleeping with him :O plus Hes really nice and understands everything :/ Its all so confusing!!! x\

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    yeah, of course it's ok. your sister is just jealous, i mean, he WANTS to be friends with you so she should butt out. If it becomes more than friends, than it becomes more than friends. just go with the flow. and see how it all works out.

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    its your choice whether to tell him that you like him or not. but to be sure.. just remain neutral for you not to hurt yourself. :)

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