what are some anime series that are relatively short?

two animes that i really enjoyed were soul eater(51 episodes) and death note(37 episodes).

i especially enjoyed soul eater, does anyone have any ideas for an anime series i may like?


ideal amount of episodes would be from 30-100 or so.

Update 2:

also, if anyone has any ideas, could i get a little summary or a link to one? i like to know a little bit of what it's about before i watch

Update 3:

oh and thank you so much!

Update 4:

thank you so much everyone for your suggestions!! if i knew how to get to level 2 i'd thumb you all up lol :)

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  • Ryan
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    9 years ago
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    Elemental Gelade is similar to Soul Eater. The animes both contain weapon/people that have a special relationship with their handlers.


    Code Geass is similar to Death Note. They both involve very intelligent main characters who use strategy to defeat their opponents.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ahh well the shortest one i know of is "5 centimeters per second" it's only 3 episodes long and made both me and my boyfriend cry.

    1) D.N.Angel - i think had less than 30. { is about a boy who turns into "Dark the phantom Theif" when he sees the girl he likes and the only way to change back is to go steal a certain thing.]

    2) Black Butler - anime is ...... special. watch in japanese. english wil make your ears bleed. i'd suggest reading it too if you get the chance. [ is based in england ahh this little boy makes a deal with his "butler" to get revenge. the anime has angels the manga has zombies.]

    3) Wolf's Rain - dunno quite how long it was but it was half over at 28 ish is what my friend told me. [ Wolves are "extinct" and a small pack of them tries to find a flower to lead them to paradise.]

    4) Black Cat - - only had like 30 episodes i think. [ An assasin turns on his job after meeting a girl and becomes a bounty hunter that doesn't kill while fighting the organization he left to stay alive.]

    5) Hetalia - there are like 105 of them total but each episode is 5 minutes long. [ Countries are brought to life as people and it shows history of the world wars and etc. this is the only reason i passed my history this year >.>' ]

    6) MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) - not very long. cute off. you have to read the manga to find out the end. [ A boy gets transported to his Dream world and must fight the evil Chess (basically the akastuki rip off >.>') to get back home and save his dream world.]

    I dunno if any of the rest of the ones i've watched are short.. everything seems short compared to Naruto these days...

  • 9 years ago

    My favorites in no real order(the 2 you mentioned are being left out because you already saw them...)


    Action, Comedy, plus more Comedy

    -Devil May Cry

    Horror, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural

    -Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    Action, Comedy, Supernatural

    -Witch Hunter Robin

    Action, Horror, Crime, Mystery, Supernatural

    -Darker Than Black & DTB Ryuusei No Gemini

    Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

    -Full Metal Alchemist & FMA Brotherhood(Follows Anime)

    Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy

    -Coyboy Bebop

    Sci-Fi, Acton, Comedy, Drama

    -Gundam Seed; Wing; Unicron; 00(Double O)

    Action, Mecha, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

    -Yu Yu Hakusho(112 Episodes)

    Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural,Thriller, Tournament

  • 9 years ago

    FLCL is only like 8 episodes long and worth taking a look at it even if its a bit weird, but personally i like trigun, it's only like 60 episodes... not really sure but it's really enjoyable with a great soundtrack behind it

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What's your definition of short? There have been anime series that have been 1 episode total and ones over 6,000 episodes total.



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