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How do I help my friend get out of an abusive relationship?

One of my best friends started dating a guy a few months and ago and everything started happening really fast with them. I did not like this guy from day one because of the things she would tell me. They met at a bar a few months ago and a month ago they moved in together. He is obsessed with his ex who he also has a child with and has even told my friend that he wants to be with her (but the ex doesn't want to be with him). He treats my friend like sh*t and she doesn't deserve it, me and my other friends have told her repeatedly she needs to get out of it because he is a jerk but she never listens, she puts him before everything and I know he doesn't really care about her. Just last weekend she was hanging at my house and when my friend took her home he came home awhile later with his ex who was supposedly just there because she was to drunk to drive home, anyway my friend was obviously upset and yelling at him, he got mad and pushed his ex against a wall and caused damage to her earlobe he also hit my friend repeatedly and she has a sprained collar bone and bruises all over. One of my friends picked her up after and they called the cops, he went to jail for the weekend and she says shes over him but im really afraid she will give him another chance, I don't know what to do because she doesn't really listen to us and I am also scared for her to live alone because she is emotionally unstable and extremely depressed right now. Is there anything I can do? I want her to get help but she is very stubborn and has a hard time opening up to strangers! Please any advice you can give!

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    If your friend cannot see what is staring her in the face - an abusive boyfriend - then she is stupid. No guy is worth going through what she is - take it from one who knows. Being as he has been in jail for the weekend (wish it could have been longer) she will prbably give him another chance. No, she will not listen to you or anyone, because she has made up her mind. The more you push her to get away from him, the longer she will stay with him. She is obviously very insecure and is the kind of person that has to have a boyfriend to lean on, no matter how she is treated. If anything like this happens again and he is abusive to her, get the police to issue a restraining order against him so that he is not allowed near her and then get her out of thre so that there are no come backs on her. The police are your only option being as she will not listen to you or anyone, and will not talk to strangers. Good luck!!

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    maybe she could live with you for a while. just tell her you don't want him showing up at her place and you want her to be safe coz that guy is an absolute psycho, imo. Do you have any guy friends? arrange a night out with you and some other girls and that friend, and ask along a few nice guys.

    maybe she IS over it, any guy who is still involved with his ex is a bad idea. if she might take him back, keep giving her advice and warning her. that's really all you can do coz she's the one making the choices.

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    first thing you should do is all help eachother to stop drinking and abusing drugs. you will be amazed at how many other aspects of your life are positively affected by your lifestyle changes.

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