Need help, God isnt answering?

I just found out a few sad things, and things aren't looking good. I'm not getting specific, we aren't under that stipulation. I have tried everything to be positive and be happy. It doesn't change how you really feel on the inside. Hot girlfriends, drinking. Even stopping that, praying, crying to God to answer. Nothing. I'm at the point where I'm tired of feeling guilty for no reason, I'm just gonna do the best I can and whatever happens, happens. I'm trying my best. What would you do when you're really down?? I've tried praying, meditating. Etc


I appreciate the replies. I have to pull of something creatively?? I could do the best I could in this world, and I'm worthless. If I had children I wouldn't put them through pain and suffering, ignoring them when they really need help. I don't get it. And I'm about to stop worrying for good. Sort If this is more of a blog, I'm just desperate, at the end and there are no answers.

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    9 years ago
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    That`s because there is no god,,FACT,,

  • 9 years ago

    There *are* answers, but you have to know where to look for them, & then, how to understand them.

    Are you *absolutely* sure that you have met *ALL* of the requirements for your prayers to be heard? Many don't realize what they are. This article explains:

    "Prayers That Are Heard by God"

    - What God Promises

    - Dealing With Personal Problems

    I feel you need help to understand several things, and have carefully chosen the following Bible-based articles that will show you those things. I hope that you will take a serious look at each of them:

    "Does God Really Care?" :

    - Divine Intervention---What Can We Expect?

    "You *Can* Fight Pessimism!"

    - Battling Pessimism

    - Positive, Goal-Oriented Thinking

    "Does God Really Care About Us?" :

    - An Earth Free From Suffering

    - How Can We Know There Is a God?

    - God Informs Us about His Purposes

    - Why God Has Permitted Suffering

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    9 years ago

    Firstly if you know the story about Jesus sleeping in the boat with his disciples in the storm. Just because God isn't answering doesn't mean he isn't listening. He's still in control and is preparing to take action. You just have to pray for change and be sincere about it, have faith that the change is coming even though he's not answering. Because it's not the miracles that grow my faith but knowing that God will come for me even when he's silent in the middle of the storm.

    But you know why Jesus was sleeping? He wasn't panicking.

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  • R. C.
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    9 years ago

    Life can be difficult, but you saying you're worthless is akin to putting a magic curse upon yourself. When I feel down, I take time to put things back into perspective. It's so easy to forget what's true, and fall within what isn't. What isn't true? You saying your worthless. Not true. These feelings of guilt...not true. Your worries...not true. I know, but you're experiencing these things. But what does that experience mean? My perspective is this....ALL that exists in this world is love. That's it. These feelings that contradict love are signs to you that you are not in line with love. It's like when you catch a cold, you have coughing, and sneezing. With physical signs like those, it's hard not to know what's happening, but these other feelings that you're having, aren't they just as relevant?

    Find love for yourself, right now, in this moment...Why? Because you can. You can choose that now. I like where science has found that the only moment that exists is now. The present and the future really do not, because right now overwrites the past. Every second is another second of now...that's it, and all that exists within time. This narrows down the time for you to make a choice by. Right now, in this moment, you can choose what to focus on. You can choose to love, or continue falling prey to fear. You can choose to look down on yourself, or pick yourself up and love because that's who you are, and choose to be. Take these negative emotions as communication from God, showing you where you are in line with love at this moment. Scripture says, "God is Love, he who does not love cannot know God." You cannot look at the outside to change the inside, but by changing the inside, your view of the outside will change as well.

    So often people look at God to do the work for them. Let me ask you this. Does God make you feel better, or does he give you the opportunity to feel better? There's a difference there. God wants you to feel good, and to enjoy life, but also adheres to free will where you have the freedom not too. The opportunity to is always there, you have to dig deep within yourself and find reason to. This is why Jesus says not to pay attention or be friends with this world, because material or negative physical experience can bring you down, and that affects your spirituality. Next time you meditate, state before hand, directly what you'd like to know, then listen while meditating.

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  • 9 years ago

    Read the bible. There are some answers there. How to go on. See book of Sirach in a Catholic Bible. The advices there are very human. God answers in his own time. He is God anyways. Keep praying.

  • reme_1
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    9 years ago

    Life is rough for all of us. Some of us just hide it.

    You can pray all you want but god is just a crutch for people who are afraid.

    Find a group of people who share some similar ideas or interests as your and look for support there.

    Try to reach out to others. Doing for others has a way of making one feel better.

    Hang in there.

    A happy sane atheist

  • David
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    9 years ago

    Just, try to thicken up your skin and keep putting one foot in front of the other. There are going to be days, weeks, months like this. But it cant last forever.

  • Dave M
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    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album always cheers me up for some reason.

  • 9 years ago

    praying alone won't get the job done. you have to pull off something creatively to solve the problem. believe me, god is with you all the way :)

  • 9 years ago

    God is at Bible Study at the moment. Back soon...

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