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What the best way to get your ears to down size (stretch back to normal) after having them stretched to a 0?

I'm almost 17. I've had my ears gauged to a 0 for about a year now. I started gauging when I was like 14? Anyways. I took them out. I'm planning on taking my other piercings out soon. I'm trying to clean myself up and look my best. I really need to get a Job. I'm planning on going to college in the very near future to be an RN. Can anyone tell me how to get them to stretch back to normal with using lotions or stuff like that?

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    Just leave your plugs out and do daily massages with either vitamin E, jojoba, emu or olive oil :)

    There isn't any guarantee they'll go back to being completely normal though.

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    I thought it would get back to normal after a while, (When you will take them out)

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    Sorry, I don't have an answer but I do just want to commend you on taking steps to improve yourself. Good luck and stick with it.

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