Twitter is killing my relationship! (short facts..I need Help ASAP)?


-Last week my bf had some personal issues (medical injury) and heneed a "break".

-I thought the break meant "break up" but apperntly it meant that he needed a day or two to himself (he didnt tell me all of the details)

-We finally cleared it up a two days ago and were on good terms.

Today (feb.14h):

-I was still sensitive about the "take a break" thing since I thought it was a prelude to our ending relationship.

-I asked him to JUST call me on vday so we can have couple time....NEVER HAPPENED. Apparently he was "out with his boys".

-I go on twitter and see he is making "sexual refreneces" which made me think about him cheating on me on vday. (ei. having a box of condoms. The his reaction to his first "nut") and talking to "female friends".

- I didnt know it was a joke so I questioned our relationship seeing that I didnt get a phone call and saw him on twitter for a couple of hours.


-He thinks I dont know him well enough (since he was "joking").

-I have a hard time trusting guys since my mom and dad divorced.

-And Twitter is making my personal life a LIVING HELL!!

SN: I tried to explain to him what twitter is doing to us..He wont listen.


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  • 9 years ago
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    First thing is first, we live in the age of internet dating. Everything is through email, private messaging, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. Change that. If you really want a strong relationship, then move from behind the computer screen to get some real face time, and I am not talking about the face time app. Relationships are lacking connection more and more these days, and this is why.

    Secondly, I agree with you in thinking that a break (most of the time) results in concluding the relationship, and for him not to specify his feelings and intentions, definitely confused the situation greatly. In conclusion you need to talk to him about everything that was miscommunicated such as the tweets and the 'break' fiasco. You guys definitely need to revaluate the relationship.

  • 9 years ago

    If Twitter is turning your life into hell, then best you turn away from online activities for the time being. You've already stated that there are other means of establishing communication - so use those... but I'm guessing you're not going to step out of Twitter just yet - for you are planning on feeding your newfound jealousy to probe further on his "jokes"...

    You should, simply face him and tell him that you're not happy with what he's done, based on your life's experiences. Not complain about "us" - but "me". You're his girlfriend and you have every right to tell him your concerns. If he doesn't care or wont listen - then perhaps you should also take a break from the relationship... you're obviously going to end up a wreck if he keeps doing whatever that hurts you emotionally.

  • 9 years ago

    just tweet "doing a bj" and see what he says? and then if anyone asks just say you were refering to bad job hehe

    just forget twitter, its the social interaction killer, use a phne, call him, and tell him toget his butt over and take you out on a real V date, and if he doesnt, then call his friend and ask if he wants to go on a date for V day cause his buddy is being an a$$ and you want to get him a little jealous,

    also dpnds on who yo utalk to make sure its a guy thats willing to keep it hush hush and not tell the plan

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    you ought to be able to make that step and be severe approximately it and regardless of how a lot that different individual is a candy talker and tells you it'll not ever occur once more you ought to suppose it regularly will and by no means return to them. I obtained out ofone by way of ultimately knowing I had had ample and I swore I was once going to move . I had no plan I simply obtained the possibility and ran with it. We had had a giant knock down drag out combat. Afterwards he wanted cig. from the fuel station so I went to get them for him. I known as my dad he met me on the fuel station we known as the police officers I went to the condo obtained my stuff and entirely omitted any other thing to do with him. Luckily he obtained bored and has considering that moved on and has now not stricken me considering that. Bottom line you ought to wish to do and do exactly it. Best of success watch out.

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    9 years ago

    Twitter is lame .

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