23weeks pregnant & noticed that my pubic area on the right side is growing?

on the right side of my pubic hair line is kinda big and on the left side is normal! i noticed it when i was 18weeks but i thought it wasnt a problem & i felt the right side & it a bit bigger then the left!i was touching it to see if it hurt and it dosent, its really squishy though.yes! my pregnancy is very normal & everything is healthy but i dont know whats wrong this time! ive had so many problems through my first trimester & now i have to find out i have another problem:( i was bleeding through my first trimester i almost lost my baby but thankfully i stayed in bed & my doctor said my baby is going to be okay!no more complications! my baby is sitting very low though! she sometimes kicks my bladder:p is this normal? should i call my doctors to make an appointment 2mmorow? cause when i was 18weeks it wasnt this big.you cant really notice it but if yu touch it & look at it really hard its a little bit bigger then the left side of my pubic area. its not hard i dont feel any bumps or nothing.it feels normal & it squishy.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Pregnancy hormones can do all crazy thinks to your body! It can speed up hair growth in some areas and stop it in others, and can even change the color of random spots of your skin ! Everything goes back to normal after the baby. If you find it becoming a real problem for you then just let your doctor know at your next prenatal visit (: congrat and good luck !

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