Can you give me some examples of how tsar Nicholas II (Russian Revolution) WANTED to take Russia backwards?

My teacher said something about him actually preferring old-time spelling and names etc., and wanted to take Russia back to a more severe form of tsarism from the 17th century

can you give me some specific examples I can use as evidence for a point I'm making?

Thanks :)


Sorry, I think I was overstating it a little, firstly I don't mean he wanted to move Russia COMPLETELY backwards, but perhaps if you could suggest some more anachronistic aspects of his policies? Secondly thank you! But I am aware of his resistance to modernisation and generally to progress, but I'm looking specifically for actual "backwards progress" if that makes sense?

Thanks! :)

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    I'm not so sure that the Tsar wanted to take Russia backwards but he was no believer in democracy and giving rights to the people and preferred to rule without the Duma (Parliament) and put his trust in aristocrats and members of the Royal family.

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