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Why do you think no one has made a safe way to end periods yet?

i was just thinking about this and cant understand. there are ways to solve silly problems(well to me&compared to suffering every month) like older guys who "cant get it up", they make cures for that. cures to get rid of body hair. to grow hair , etc. but one of the longest problems in history has never been solved, ENDING PERIODS. i dont get it, they should at least have a pill(that's safe) or something. i got my period at 12 (i think),it really helped ruin my eh "younger years", people tell girls "just deal with it' why should we have to? it's 2012, why does no one look at such a huge issue?!

what do you think? do you think this is possibly a sexist issue? or what?

and sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off :P .

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    Mark my words, miss!

    I will dedicate my entire life to finding a solution for this problem.

    I will have many kids. They, too, will pick up where I leave off.

    This I swear!

    I do not do this for fame or glory, but to see the smiles of women everywhere as they enjoy life EVERYDAY of each month.

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    I'm right there with you!

    Honestly the furthest we've come is extreme birth control pills generally used by women with PCOS to make periods more seldom (I think my friend only had 5 per year)

    Of course, with those pills come sometimes major side effects, plus the fact that those few periods you do end up having are very intense and stressful.

    Just started my period again today and dammit I am so bloody tired of being a woman >:(

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