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Pit Bulls and American Staffordshire Terriers?

So, to my understanding Pit Bulls are working dogs, and Amstaffs are show dogs, but they used to be the same breed, but were split to have the working version and the show version, but there IS NO real Pit Bull registration, you can have a duo registry as Amstaff and Pit, correct? So, DRIVE really splits the two apart, correct? Pit Bulls are working dogs, so if the dog is not working bred it is not a Pit Bull but more of an AmStaff.

If this is not true, what REALLY separates the two when they look identical?

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    I thought pit bulls were breed to kill rats and from the Pittys and staffys I've had I wouldn't let them anywhere near sheep or cattle the pittys where great pig dogs but wanted to fight each other and all other dogs they love people fighting dogs must like people so you can control them not that I approve of dog fighting, bewared they will fight and I think any dog that will bite and fight with another dog could bite a small child.

    English Staffys are great family pets my current staffy is great around small children.

    Be carefully very carefull of pit-bull terriors.

    English staffys I have they also have very few inherited health problems not like some other breeds

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    You're wrong about no Pit Bull registration. The United Kennel Club registers them and it's as good a registry as the AKC. Both breeds come from the same background, but the Am Staff was refined, a breed club was formed, standards were set and application made to the AKC and was accepted as a registerable breed.

    The Pit Bull breeders have not done this and seem perfectly content to belong only to the UKC.

    There are differences in the standards between the two breeds.

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    The am staff and the pit bull are the same thing the only thing that has created the distinction is the name... the American Staffordshire Terrier is the official kennel club name of this breed of dog it is called a "pit bull" to refer to the pits that people would fight them in in the early 20th century. So in answer to your question they are one in the same

    and terrier means "to the earth" which implies digging or handling of an unwanted pest (mice rats etc) so they are actually terriers and not in the working group

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    I'm guessing that by "Pit Bull" you mean American Pit Bull Terrier.

    American Pit Bull Terriers are physically different from American Staffordshire Terriers; Staffies are much more similar to bulldogs, and are generally more bulky than APBTs. Staffies and APBTs are seen as different breeds, and while Staffies are AKC-recognized, APBTs are not, probably due to the controversial portrayal they receive in the media.

    (I'm not an expert with these dogs, though, so you'd have to ask someone with more experience to be sure.)

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    The APBT was registered 40 years before the AmStaff.The UKC was created at least in part to register the breed.There are several other registries which recognize the breed as well.

    The breeds also do not look identical,see here:

    The UKC has ended its dual registration practice.

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    different breeds i thought

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