What power did Itachi give to Naruto?

I was very curios about that, and if Kishimoto would ever bring Minato back. And one more question, does naruto ever fight anyone while he is in sage mode mixed with nine tails? (The thing he went into when he met nagato)

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    Itachi gave naruto the shisui's eye that shisui gave him willingly before dying....Itachi implants it in the crow that went inside naruto's mouth .....That was given to him so that he can protect the village if sasuke ever tries to attack the village......Later that eye is activated itself when Itachi attacks naruto being controlled by kabuto and the eye puts ITACHI in a genjustsu , which automatically brakes the genjutsu that kabuto does on itachi to control him..

    I dont think so minato will ever be resurrected , though maybe he would come back in naruto's mind again later just like before when naruto was fighting with pain.

    SECONDLY, sage mode and bijuu mode can never be activated at the same time .... IN the fight with pain he only uses the sage mode...so you cant say sage mode mixed with nine tails..... THOUGH , later he again goes into sage mode when fighting against madara/tobi... =)

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    He gave naruto a raven embedded with Shisui's mangekyou eye. The eye was programmed to activate by seeing a sharingan (activated by seing his own mangekyou eye, which he believed sasuke would transplant itachis eye into sasuke.). By activating the eye the person that sees it (target was sasuke, but it activated on itachi's ressurected form) will try to "protect Konoha". So that would turn sasuke away from hurting konoha. Also naruto uses both clones using sage mode and clones using the nine tails separately at the same time. I am not sure why he hasnt used both in tandem on himself, but he splits the abilities between his clones.

    Also no minato as of yet

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    Itachi Crow

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    well i wont call it a power but when naruto met itachi while he was pursuing sasuke he me itachi and in itachis gen jutsu he made naruto eat a crow(ew that was disgusting) which turns out to be uchiha shisui 's eye. when kabuto revives itachi he meets naruto takes the eye out ond use it to be free from kabuto's power in other word he revives himself.

    second question) well i dont think that would make sense since yodaime's soul is with a death god

    3) yes he did fight a lot of people eg: 3rd raikage , etc.....................

    soon he will have to face MADARA (well if you watch or read naruto you would no that)

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    Itachi gave Naruto a crow with Shisui's eye. The jutsu put in it is "Kotoamatsukami" AKA the ultimate genjutsu. He put it into Naruto so if Sasuke tries to destroy Konoha, the crow would recognize Sasuke, triggering the Kotoamatsukami.

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    He gave Naruto Shisui's eye with the command (to the raven) "Protect Konoha", in case Sasuke tried to attack the village.


    No... Orochimaru couldn't ressurect him because his soul was sealed when he used the dead demon seal. Also, he used up the last of his chakra with Naruto. He might come back in a memory or something.

    Sage Mode/Kyuubi Mode?

    I don't think so... He gets a new, more powerful 'mode' that he uses.

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    He gave naruto a raven embedded with Shisui's mangekyou eye.

    Plus, No to Minato. i dont think so.

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    Actually, to correct the first comment, Naruto's dad, Minato, along with all of the other people who have been reaper death sealed are released. At this time, the real Madara is revived, and he tries to use a chakra chain on naruto to extract the nine tails from his body. However, Naruto has only the yang half of Kyuubi in his body, and his dad has the Yen half. The yang half of Kyuubi has taken a liking to Naruto, so it asks the Yen half along with Minato to jump in front of the chakra chain, in order to save Naruto. They are successful in saving Naruto, however, the Yen half of Kyuubi is taken. This gives them all ten tailed beasts, and allows them to seal the ten tails in Obito. Obito then takes the form of the sage of sixth paths, but Sasuke and Naruto hit him with a Rasengan/Chidori combo. The ten tails is released from Obito, who realized Madara was using him. Madra then puts ten tails inside of himself. He tried to complete the eye of the moon plan. (Up to date with manga)

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    the power isn't explained but it has something to do with shisui's other eye because he gave his genjutsu crow to naruto sage mode fused with nine tails no he doesn't

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