I have a Acoustic Guitar but without pegs or the pin less-bridge?

My guitar has a pin less-bridge and I use steel strings (with balls) since that was the (default) string when i buy it. But can i use nylon string? since it has a pin less bridge? but the head is more likely of an acoustic guitar...

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  • 9 years ago
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    sure you can use nylon string as it will produce more harmonic sound. but take note, tuning the nylon string can be a b*tch. lol. make sure that you have a proper tuning equipment for it. cheers!!

  • 9 years ago

    if you use nylon strings on a guitar mad for steel strings it will not put enough tension on the neck and the neck will need extreme adjustment. if you are able to secure the strings to the bridge you will then have to address the tunning pegs you will have to stretch the bejesus out of the strings before you start the winding. unfortunately because nylon stretches so much it will ind up overwrapping on itself after time and cause slippage tuning issues. you could do it but be prepared for posible headaches

    Source(s): work in guitar shop
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