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What can I do about my syrian hamster?

I'm doing what the leaflet told me,put your hand in the cage and the hamster will go on ,but it doesn't work..I have not handled her and I need help about this,she is female.


She is more interested on biting my fingers than going on them!

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    Sometimes the hamster needs to get used to your scent as it is new to it! So encourage it onto your hand by putting a treat or something like that on to your hand and call its name. It might come to you slowly because it will be nervous… don't do any fast movements as you might shock it!

    If you want to handle it, once you have done the step above, lift your hand slowly but keep it in the cage and not far up so if your hamster jumps of it wont hurt itself then as it gets more tame, you can take it higher up until you can bring it out of the cage.

    Hope that helps :D

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    I use two main methods of taming -

    How To Start The Taming Process 1

    1) Remove the lid of the cage, offer your pet a treat to encourage the behaviour. Have a suitable carrier ready such as an empty food storage box or your hamster ball.

    2) Gently encourage them to go inside the container and offer them another treat, this will show them there is nothing bad happening and that they get food for this behaviour.

    3) Allow your hamster to climb out onto your lap, gently cup your hands to scoop them up and continue to offer treats as reinforcement (or bribery). Make a tunnel with your hands and let your hamster run through them.

    2) bath taming-

    Use the first two steps of the previous method, but lower your hamster into an empty bath (with the plug in) and get in alongside them, this method allows for a closer bonding and gives the pet a chance to get used to your smell and relax around you.

    3) in cage

    This is the method you've been given and is mostly advised by pet stores and care educators, I do sometimes use it but I wouldn't say it's the best, but if you place a treat on your hand while you place your palm in the cage. At first your pet will just run away with the food but gradually they will eat or pouch it on your palm.

    These methods all take time, hamsters are shy creatures and need patience to tame, good luck.

    Source(s): Www.hamstereducation.weebly.com
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    This was the same with my hamster, but now she is the most perfectly tame hamster you will ever meet.

    What I did to let my hamster let me pick her up was the day after I got her, I sat next to the cage and read her a short story and sang to her so she would get used to my voice. At every chance, I spoke to her. Then I moved on to slowly putting my hand into the cage so she could sniff it, and just explore it. If she bit me I stayed still; don't make sudden movements. Then I tried with the treats on hand, and she happily took them after a few tries. I began to pet her, but she flinched away. But I kept trying and soon she let me. That's when I tried to pick her up; but she jumped away. I left it a few hours and tried again, but I kept on trying at failure. Soon enough she let me pick her up, and we are best friends.

    Hope I helped!

    ~Lucy xo

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    I have a syrian and i found that if you put a treat on your hand and offer it to them slowly they soon decide to come out, try speaking to it as if you would a human or a baby and it should help.

    Source(s): own experience
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    Hamsters are territorial... your hand coming into its cage is prolly a little overwhelming. Try scooping her up (GENTLY!) with their hut or shelter and bringing them out of their cage with that and then handling them. thats what works with mine.

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    It's Syrian? Dress it up in a white hooded cloak and give it a tiny dagger. BAM. cutest assassin ever.

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    Same with mind:( she brutally attacked me this morning...

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