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Do you think Obito Uchiha could be Tobi?

Okay so i seriously love Obito from Kakashi's Gaiden. I'm gonna cry if Tobi ends up being Obito. I mean Tobi has the Sharingan in the same eye as Obito still does/did?, his face looked a little screwed up from the tiny part i remember seeing, It shows Kakashi being pretty old/mature during the Minato vs. Tobi fight on Naruto's birthday so Obito could have been "grown up" enough to seem old. The only one thing that is saving me from not being positive is the fact that Kissame called Tobi the 4th Mizukage.... i don't want to believe Obito would go evil..... i luvs him. What do you peoplz think?


btw Tobi isn't Madara. It was in the manga a few weeks ago.There are "two madaras" the real one and Tobi. I mostly posted this to see if there were people who thought it would be Obito. I hope its not. [Shisui Uchiha is outta the question for me too]

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    noway!!! Obito is all dead!!! i like him to, but half of his body had already crashed & the only sound eye he got left he had given it to kakashi, he can't be Tobi! beside there was a photo of Tobi with a broken mask in one of naruto manga chapters & he seems as much old as Danzo Shimura (the six hokage) and he look a lot like him too! Danzo hid his forehead with a bond & Tobi did so in that photo, that's why i think Tobi is Danzo, beside Madara said that there is someone else but him who knows about the plan of reviving the utchiha clan so i think it's Madara & Danzo plan from the start,that how he could ordered Itachi utchiha at first & then he forged his death to fool Sasuke & win him on his side in the 4th ninja war that's all!

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    Uh no. I don't think its Obito. If it were obito then they would have a lot of story gaps to fill. Like for instance, Why would Obito, who was all about the village and his comrades, suddenly go bad? It wasn't like Kakashi and Rin had done him wrong, or even like the village had done him wrong, so why would he want to destroy it? If it were Obito, then why did Kisame recognize him as the "real" Mizukage. That was around the time that Zabuza did his thing when he was young. It was the Forth Mizukage that was in power when Kirigakure was known as Village of the Bloody Mist. Which they didn't stop calling that until Zabuza killed the entire graduating class. Zabuza isn't much older than them. Actually I think they are the same age. Anyway. I just don't think that Obito would do that. I don't think that its obito at all.

  • It isn't obito because when Tobi fought Konan it was revealed that he had TWO SHARINGAN. Obitio would only have one. And plus tobi has a bunch of rinkles all over his face, showing he is really old, Obito would be around 28-30. Which is not old enough to have the ammount of wrinkles toby has. A lot of mangekyo sharingan can have the same ability, but it doesnt mean its derived fromt he same person. Tobi said he formed Akatsuki duing the 3rd great ninja war.

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    Nahhh, I don't think Tobi would be Obito i mean personality wise and I see where your coming for but it is a little far fetched just saying.

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    I don't keep up much with the manga anymore but I can say that Obito woudn't have a reason to attack konoha or do any of this crap, if it is revealed as obito it would have to have someone pulling his strings.

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    I don't know for sure, the net said this. Toby = Uchiha Madara

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    no, unless masashi kishimoto want to troll us

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