Can you contest a past due traffic ticket in california?

I got a traffic cam ticket for running a red light in san juan capo, there was a large truck with a large trailer in front of me who also ran the red light. The light is very low to the ground and the trucks trailer blocked my view. I followed the truck through the iintersection. It wasn't until I was almost through my left turn that I realized the light was even red ( I couldn't see the light at all because of the trailer..).

This was about 5 months ago. The ticket is around 500 dollars.

I didn't pay the ticket because I haven't had any money and do not believe I should have received this ticket.

Can I still write to the court, or set up a court date to contest this ticket eventhough the payment date has passed?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Contact the court clerk. In some jurisdictions, they will schedule a court date for you. In some others, no response within the due period is considered as an automatic plea of guilty.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes you can do all those things when you contact the court to take care of the warrant that is out on you for failure to appear in court....and yes if you get stopped for any reason the officer if having a bad day...or even a boring day could arrest you impound your car take you to you for a misdemeanor charge and then you wait there with some VERY interesting people until you arange bail so unless you have several warrents out on you....Call the court #son the ticket and get a new appear date and find out what you have to do about the warrent.PS can't smoke in jail no more.

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