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Can someone explain Christian Libertarian?

I'm a strong believer in Christianity. Dad is a Senior Pastor of a Small Church. Highly religious family. My oldest brother, dad and I watch alot of politics. My oldest brother supports Ron Paul and I support him only on Fiscal Views aswell as Foreign Policies.

I'm very interested in politics and I considered myself a Social Conservative. But I've went from Fiscal Liberal to a Fiscal Conservative as I've read more and more into issues online (not bias news media). However I've recenty found love with Ron Paul Foreign Policy and his smaller government Fiscal policies.

However can someone explain Christian Libertarian views on social issues and whether a strong believer in Christianity can truly believe such that. Bible Scriptures are recommended.

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    A Christian libertarian is someone who still holds all their Christian beliefs and values, but supports a libertarian sort of society.

    You can oppose drugs without wanting the government to outlaw them, etc, that sort of thing.

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    I was slammed with Christianity since birth. As I grew older I leveled out. Christianity is fine so long as people aren't trying to drive it down people's throats like they did to me. I have read the Bible a few times over. What I really got from it were that all fall short of the glory of God, and let he who is without sin cast the first stone and things like that. I am pretty skeptical regardless of my up bringing, and I would never try to enforce any thing I believe on another. I most certainly would never take certain beliefs and try to push them via the government into the mainstream. I would never vote for someone like Rick Santorum.

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    Christian Libertarians basically believe I have the right to believe what I want to believe but if the homos want to be homos let them. that's between them and god. I'll try to reason with them respectfully but it isn't societies job to force me upon them and the verse they'd use for that is the "Go unto the earth and witness the gospel" don't know exact verse been out of church for a long time and basically lead by example and they'd use Jesus sitting with the Zachias and the other sinners. They'll point out that Jesus led by example and preached against the authority of man over other men.

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    Libertarians clearly set the border between their religious values and politics. :P

    It doesn't matter what religion you are; if you're a Libertarian, you will be for less government control. And if you're fiscal conservative, you will follow the Constitution.

    I don't really know of a social conservative libertarian. ):

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    Basic premise, is that they do not support government (see it as force) that society will run based off of communities, their communities would support christian values. I am not an expert on any peculiarities, I believe Andrew Sanlin would be a name you might want to look up.

  • Sarah
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    Jesus spent his entire life on earth talking about and aiding the poor. He told his followers to give up everything they own and to do as he did.

    Jesus' teachings indicate that he wasn't interested in politics or partisanship, but love, compassion, and charity.

    None of Jesus' words mesh well with the republican or libertarian parties.

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