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My Boyfriend got me a kitten for Valentine's day!!!!?

the only problem is i dont know if its a boy or a girl, he said he found it on the street. AWWWWWW

i wanna give him or her a really great name!! like if its girl Hope or if its a guy Reliance

how do i find out if its a guy or a girl? ive never seen a cat penis? LOL ive only seen half of a human one anyway!!!!

no sick responses please i just wan to know if its a boy or a girl?

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    here, this could help:

    here are some of my fav cat names =)

    for female cats :
















    for male cats:













    good luck with your new kitten :)

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    you tell by looking under the tail.

    If you see 2 little round things there, those are HIS balls.

    If you don't, it's a SHE.

    Here's a picture. MALE CAT

    Basically if you lift the tail and see a colon (:), it's a girl, because one hole is for peeing and the other is for pooping.

    If there are balls, it's a boy.

    As for names, I always name by personality.

    My cat Mischief clawed up the bottom of a couch, a chair and a lampshade, all in the same week when I first got him.

    My cat Sushi stole fish off the counter as a kitten.

    My cat Cheetah has a high prey drive and will kill a toy on a string in a hot second. She's a natural hunter!

    See the pattern?

    Good luck with kitty! :)

    Source(s): I have 2 of each sex, total of 4 cats
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    Perfect a young kitten has hopefully been saved. When little specially if furry it is a bit hard to tell how ever I will avoid going into detail and simply advice you to go ahead and take it to the vet so it can have its first round of shots as soon as possible as well as being de-wormed and tested for feline leukemia before you become too attached to it. This wont cost you very much perhaps 120 at most in some places.

    Best of luck

    Source(s): :3 foster home cat bible and other novels
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    To determine a kitten's sex: A female kitten's genitals will resemble an upside-down exclamation point with the vertical vaginal slit below the anus. A male kitten's organ will look more like a colon with the penis below the anus separated by a space to accomodate his testicles, according to the US Humane Society.

    P.S. What a lovely Valentine present -- the gift that keeps on giving (love to you as long as your kitty lives.) For more tips on cat care, etc. do visit -- lots of care ideas, name ideas, feeding, etc., as well as pictures and stories about cats. Good luck!

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    First of all take it too the vets just it vaccinated wormed and neutered or spayed. Please don't breed from him or her as you will make more kittens that are going to end up home less. Also at the vets find out the sex the age and get it microchipped. Also feed it kitten food I presume it's eating solid food???? Also give it lots of love and buy it toys and things but a vets visit is a MUST so you can make sure your kitten lives a happy healthy life :) good luck!

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    You may wanna take it to the RSPCA, see if any ones been in, as he/she may be an escapee, but also could harbour a lot of diseases..

    (they can also sex your kitten)

    If you want to sex it yourself, dependent of the age of him/her, you'll see two little balls (cant think of a better way to describe that). like the size of the end of a cotton bud.. or obviously if not, there will be a small slit, just below their anus.

    I hope your kitten is healthy, and you have a good relation-ship!


    Source(s): I have 3 cats, 2 girls, 1 boy, my first girl cat, had 6 kittens, and we kept one girl! :)
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    Lift its tail, if its long haired blow on it to get the hair out of the way. It will have a little furry dong or not really anything except a furry slit.

    Why don't you just google gendering cats?

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    female cat has 2 holes (anus & urinary tract opening) which are very very close 2 each others

    males has 2 holes which are away and in between there is a scrotum and if the kitten is soo young it will be hard to notice the scrotum =)

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    That's the best gift your boy friend gifted you a cat.if he/she had breast between left 2 legs she will be female either male,

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