What should they do next (first kiss fail... short-medium sized question)?


I know a guy named Manny. He's a great guy blah blah good kid (were all 13, grade 8) and he's my friend's boyfriend. I am friends with both of them, and probably the closest thing to Manny's wingman o_o

He wanted to kiss her today(imma call her Amy). He didn't wanna pressure her into anything, so told her he wanted to do so Valentines day A MONTH AGO. He should of told her a few minutes before the event :/The problem? She is very very insecure about EVERYTHING (due to her home life.) She is a good kid and all, and is 5 y.o. at heart, but her parents are divorced. Her friends put together her hope, so she thrives on us, and can't think for herself. Today, he was to kiss her after school, and she was hyperventilating and shaking, she was so nervous! She REALLY wanted to do it, but she is still getting used to holding hands. And she knows she's not ready. We all did but him (at the moment)

I told him about this as soon as I could to save her, so nothing happened. She was afraid she hurt his feelings, so ended up crying when her sister picked her up (again, she is a little girl at heart. This happens often) and he was bummed because he was afraid he pressured her too much into things, and REALLY wanted to kiss her. I was able to cheer him up, but he wants to save the kiss for a later date (they are 3 months in. Early, right?) and wants to make it up to her. He is asking for ideas to do so.

Got any ideas?


this is his second kiss, and his 4th girlfriend in a course of 2 solid years. This is her first boyfriend and her first kiss. He is pretty sure she is the ONE btw (he's gone loco over her) and she knows thats not true, but she "LOVES" him to death. so cute :)

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    9 years ago
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    I think he should write her a letter or tell her in person how he feels about kissing her and he shouldn't plan it and tell everyone to the point where shell find out cuz that would just make her nervous or not want to kiss him yet but he should just have alone time with her talk and then do it she'll be surprised:)

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