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What do you think of my fairy tale?

I'm in 8th grade, 14 years old, a boy and Canadian.on Monday my teacher assigned us a fairy tale to write. This book is for children. This might sound bad but I'm not going to give too much detail. Anyways my story is about crusades, bloodshed, and genocides raging on in the holy land in the crusades. A curse of plague and darkness is cast over the last until the crusades are ended at the end, which is when everything turns all nice again and childish. Is this a good or bad story and why?

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    hi. what you described is not a fairy tale, it sounds more like history, or the making of a fantasy book. perhaps for this assignment it would be easier to start with something small, about someone who went out looking for something, maybe during the crusades, went looking for some object, had to answer a riddle, then had magical help finding that object and ended up getting a prize at the end. that's more of a classic fairy tale.

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