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Is this guy interested? >_> sorry its long?

There's this senior (I'm a junior) in one of my classes that I think is kinda cute but he really sends mixed signals so I'm not sure. We haven't really talked much and he has friends who are girls in our class too but ever since I added him on fb I think he took all the pics they had down (I saw them before but then when I looked again they were all gone?) but at the end of class he stands really close to me all the time even though theres plenty of space he could be standing in, I catch him staring occasionally (and does that head turn thing), he's actually placed his hand on my lower back a few times while "passing through" for longer than a just few seconds, he looks at my facebook alot and now he's requested to join a private class group that im included in (because its my class which hes not in) on facebook.

Help? :P

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    He might like you :), but you know guys are always sending mixed signals and are difficult to read. I think you should ask him to hang out after school and if you are too shy to do that then you should talk to him more often or even on facebook.

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