Dodge Viper fans and geeks I have a question for you.?

OK so every now and then I see a red rt/10 viper with yellow rims and a yellow viper emblem on the side of the car. Was this style anything special? Like did they ever come off the line like that or is that a style someone started to do. Also am I mostly looking at one car or do many people do this to their viper's? I have seen it done to one other viper. Basically I'm asking what's the history with that style.




166 of them were made and yes they came off the line that way. I found the answer last night. So if anybody wants an easy 10 points write down the answer.

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    The yellow emblem and wheels are aftermarket items and as to how many people do this, unknown to me, the Vipers I've seen have all been pretty much stock appearing.

    See on the upper right of the page click cars, click Dodge and scroll down click Viper.

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