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i havent seen much results from my abs? anyone help me?

I am 14. I have been working out for awhile now but i am not seeing much results. i have a good 4 pack but i only see it when i tense. I look on the internet and they tell me to eat a lot and lot of food. I healthy everyday, but when i eat too much , my stomach only gets bigger. I eat rice everyday, porridge, 1-2 apples, wheat bread, and salmon and yogurt everyday and some bit of sweets and milk. I workout out every 2nd day and do 1 min of intensity cardio; burpees (Jump up, get on the ground push up position, bring my legs to my elbow and back and jump up again) then i do 5 minutes of crunches. I do this every second day. Could anyone tell me what i need to do? what i need to eat? am i not supposed to eat absolutely any small sweets? how long do i need to workout for and how often?

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    Cut out the rice and porridge!!

    You know what Sumo Wrestlers in Japan eat to keep their weight up??? >>>>RICE.

    Milk won't help either. Milk is for bones, not for cutting fat storage. Ever seen a ripped cow??

    1 minute of cardio and 5 minutes of crunches is nothing. It takes your heart 20 minutes to reach it's target heartrate that will enable you to maximize your cardio workout.

    Do 30 minutes of constant cardio every 2nd day and use Ab Workout machines at the gym that enable you to apply more resistence than your natural weight and gravity from crunches.

    Your abs are the one muscle group that you can actually work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can't do that with any other muscle group without injury.

    Now go do it!!!


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    You need to be at 12% for men and 14% for women for abs to even show. Which is not safe for a growing child to be at. You need to eat tons of protein and little carbohydrates for this to happen. Carbohydrates are to only be eaten if you need energy. Eating a lot of food will bloat your stomach and make it look bigger, but as for eating a lot of this type of foods will make you bigger and is only good if you are trying to bulk up. Which is not what you want to do to get abs. You would have to cut out the porridge, rice, wheat bread and sweets. But as a child still growing and maturing you need to eat a well balanced diet for growth and health. So I would eat only one of the carbohydrates and only 1 serving size of it. You need a cheat day and you can have 1 thing that wouldn't normally be on the diet example 2 slices of pizza or a brownie. But only 1 cheat during this day once a week. This will help curb the cravings and weight gain.

  • Chris
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    abs is 80% diet and 20% workouts. Your not doing either correctly.

    you need to cut hardcore to see abs, you should be in the low single digit % body fat before you can see them. Lay of carbs more and eliminate all processed carbs.

    Your workout is not even a warmup. Your doing 6min of work every 2 days ? really ?

    do 150 situps. 50 side obleque crunch on each side, and 90sec plank for 3 sets and you'll see results within 2m if your sticking to your diet.

    imo its just not worth it, cutting that much isnt healthy, it brings your % body fat into an unsafe zone, and why ? to show off ?

    healthy is whats important, be fit, be strong. who cares if your hardware gets shown off or not.

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