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travel itinerary help?

I am planning a trip for when I turn 20 years old, I am female, and love to travel.

I want it to be one week in each of the following (rome, santorini, cairo, bali)

Is this to much? to long of a trip? any tips?

also, how much do you think the cost of the trip will be?

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    Do you really want to spend one week in one of the city mentioned?? I do advice you to choose cities in the same country. For example in Europe you can visit Rome, Santorini, Paris, London just to mention the most popular cities! If you want t o move from Europe, to Africa and Asia you'll probably spend more time flying rather than sightseeing!

    Anyway, to get an idea of flights and accommodation rates I suggest you some sites to visit:

    enjoy your journey!

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    The first two is in Europe and the last two is Africa and Asia. Where you from? Start your travel to the nearest continent from your country.

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