Do Korean gays prefer to live abroad?

I understand that Korea is not a very gay-friendly country, and most gays are in the closet.

The best, I read, is to live abroad. But then: can they adapt to the USA or South America?

Have you had Korean boyfriends? Are they romantic?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Although koreans girls seem to be getting more accepting with gays because they read stories about gay love and stuff, in reality, people are going to feel awkward around gays and just kinda... yeah....

    Its one thing of the younger generation accepting gays, but the older generation will probably never accept it.

    If you come out of the closet to your korean mom... most probably she will kick you out of the house or something. I asked my mom as a joke, what if i was les because we were watching this korean drama about this gay couple. She said shes gonna kick me out. I got mad at her for being so closed minded. My dad was a little more open to the idea.

    Anyway, Most gays live in the dark. If they have a lover that they want to be with, but the people around them are against it, they will most probably go live abroad, usually to USA or canada or australia or something. They dont really care about adapting because they will have each other...

    They will adapt to the new environment at some point.

    Korean guys... are a little different from American guys when they are in a relationship...

    But i really dont wanna generalize cuz there are all kinds of korean guys. You REALLY cant say they are one type.

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    9 years ago

    First, there is no such thing as Korea, two sovereign nations exist on the Korean peninsula. North and South Korea. I believe most if not all are closeted in North Korea due to their dictatorship, but I've heard South Korea is more accepting.

    Also, why USA or South America. Canada and Mexico are both in North America and allow Gay marriage.

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