Air Force EOD VS. Flight Medic?

I'm looking to go into the Air Force under one of these occupations. What do you think would be most beneficial for college/a career in civilian world? Normally, I'd give it to flight medic, however, my mom's a nurse and says that no one respects the military healthcare in the civilian world. As for EOD, I know the top enlisted guy in Europe was EOD and now does a multitude of roles, some not even relating with EOD. Any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Explosive Ordnance Disposal is a tough job to land- odds are you would drop out do to a pre qualification issue (i.e. sight, hearing, course work, est.) If/when that happens they will put you where every they want to or you can yell "breach of contract" and get sent home after wasting around a year of your life.

    If I were in your shoes and having another run at the military I would try for IT of some sort. even with out a collage education you can make 80k a year right out of training.(as long as you get network security training- ask a recruiter to make it a condition of your contract)

    Oh and your moms right the military gets most of it doctors from the "cant afford malpractice insurance anymore" bin.

    Other than that have fun with it. Its a great way to get free schooling and meet people all around the world.

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