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Russians, are you still angry at Germany for their invasion of the USSR?

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    No. I think both nations had somehow close experiences in the XXth century. It definitely helps to understand each other's motivation.

    P.S. The war (like any war) was ugly, brutal, and irrational. But I see human beings on both sides of the front-line. When I look at the faces of these German soldiers I see faces of my both Russian granddads who fought against those Germans some 60 years ago.

    Russian faces of the war:

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    Germans that days were the strongest power, great soldiers, without doubt. They conquered whole Europe for a few months.

    I proud that USSR had power to win in this cruelest war. I proud of our grandparents.

    I do not hate present Germany.

    I do not hate somebody abroad who are still think about Russia as an enemy. They are just enemies for me too as it was centuries ago. Almost every our generation had war against them .

    But I hate some Russia's citizens, who see in our Soviet history bad things only. They are worse than enemies, they a traitors.

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    During the 60s russians and germans worked together now we don't hate each oter, ask a normal german not even they liked those nazi times

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    We do not judge the German people for the actions of its leaders. We never held a grudge against them. Most of us at least. Infact I got to visit the East Germany through a student exchange and it was probably the most fun I ever have had.

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    Russians are merciful as Allah. Sometime I don't understand. We so different in question of revenge.

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    No, we aren't, BUT we didn't forget anything.

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    now they sell their women to us and they are happy with that !

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