How do you calculate the heat of vaporization of methanol?

Calculate the heat of vaporization of methanol using the normal boiling point of 64.6 degrees celsius. The vapor pressure of methanol at 25.0 degrees celsius is 0.188 atm.

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    9 years ago
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    Use a beaker of water and test-tube with methanol. Place the beaker on a electric heater whose power you know. Place a thermometer in the test-tube

    First measure the mass of the water and the methanol.

    Then, start the heating process until the temperature becomes constant. Then time for say: 30s, and after this, stop the process.

    Measure the current mass.

    This means that in 30s, m grams of methanol has evaporated.

    Energy = Power * 30



    Hope this helps..

  • cosio
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    4 years ago

    as consistent with the formula S=H/T the place S is th exchange in entropy, H is the enthapy exchange and T is temperature (in kelvin), and likewise the boiling area of water is a hundred C i.e.373K the enthalpy exchange would be 44014 J/mol

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