What is the astral plane?

I know that astral projecting is when you leave your physical body while your body sleeps and stuff but what is the "astral plane" and what does it look like? By the way if you're a hater like "no such thing dumbass" then get the hell outta here because my question is not does it exist. Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    The astral plane is a protection layer between dimensions. People that transverse this plane will report that there are deeper layers like:

    1) Imagination (day dream)

    2) Sleep

    3) Comma State

    4) Near death

    5) early death

    and as many layers as there are points within. If you project yourself across layers you have what is known as a silver cord that brings you back. But it will be exhausted with frequent usage. Without this silver cord you will be cast into the bottomless pit.

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    It's the spirit realm. There's a thin veil that separates it from this one. My guides tell me that this world actually is a mirror for that one. I astral travel a lot. I do a lot of healing and learning on the other side. I have recollections of cities, cars, houses, people. Looks very much the same.

    EDIT: Oh and the Christian person is correct--you travel by thought. Think of where you wish to go and you go.

    time also doesn't exist on the other side. It's a "physical world construct" (to quote my guides)

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    9 years ago

    You can't literally leave your body, you can only dream that you astrally project, so the astral plane is the imaginary place that you dream you go to. Or some people even claim that they are astral traveling in the real world which is even more unbelievable.

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    the astral plane can be both dangerous and/or enlightening, as "Christian in Jesus" said.

    it is a spiritual realm not of the physical plane, and you can travel across the universe in a heartbeat, however, it is typically best to stay close to your body (read: the Earth). if you lose your way back, your body could go into a coma, or worse: die! it is for this reason that most Christians recommend abstaining from visiting it, as your spirit could become lost and the possibility of not going to heaven looms...

    there may be a possibility for higher learning, but to me, if there is a risk as great as that involved, it isn't worth it...

    Source(s): 10 years of going with the sure thing
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  • 9 years ago

    The astral plane is basically anywhere on the other side.....the spiritual world and all it's dimensions which is all around the world.

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