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My dog was recently neutered in the morning...?

When we brought him home he seemed normal, just a bit tired. But later on in the night he seems really weary and out of it. He would just sit in one place most of the time, walk over to a new spot just a bit, then stay sitting again with his head down. The first few times I lifted him up he didn't mind or whine, but not when I try to lift him up to place him in a more comfortable place he would whine pretty loudly. This is my first time caring for a dog after surgery and I am a little worried. Should I just leave him alone for the night or is there something I can do?

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    9 years ago

    Fact is he was probably 'up' when he came out of the vet's office because he knew he was going home!! Quite often dogs will seem fine but as soon as they get home, they just 'crash' - the effect of the general anaesthetic will still be with him. What he needs for now, is a quiet warm place to rest and sleep it off - do you have a crate? This is ideal for the recovering patient. Didn't your vet advise you about his immediate care .... and he should probably have a 'cone' on to prevent him getting at his stitches. If not, sleep with him overnight, to make sure he doesn't worry at the incision. This is important as he could rip them out. Don't try to lift him AT ALL. Again re the stitches. He will be feeling some pain much as castration isn't anywhere the surgery a spay in the b itch is.

    Later on this evening, make up some bland food, scrambled egg, or chicken breast and offer it to him, but don't worry if he refuses as he may well still feel a bit sick from the anaesthetic. Leave some water with him, but don't allow him to take in too much as he may vomit it back. Take him out on the lead to give him a chance to pee (he probably won't need to pooh since he will have been nil by mouth for 24 hours).

    Keep an eye on the incision to make sure it's not angry looking - if you are at all concerned, phone the vet for advice. You've paid for the surgery!!

  • Lisa
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    9 years ago

    Your dog will be woozy and a bit out of it from the anesthetic. Tonight, he should be kept quiet and warm and left to sleep it off.

    He is probably starting to whine a bit more when you handle him because the pain meds and after-effects of the anesthetic are wearing off. Don't lift him if you don't have to, let him rest quietly in a comfy spot and reassess in the morning.

    In the morning, he will probably be a little sore but he should seem a lot better and more lively. If he is still out of it and lethargic, or if there is any sign of infection (swelling, discharge, heat, redness) at the site of the incision, contact your vet.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just watch him. Definitely watch those stitches. If your vet gave him pain meds, make sure he gets them like he's supposed to. Don't lift him too much, he doesn't seem to like that. Just let him lay around. A day or two at the most, then he should slowly start getting back to normal. My am staff laid around for a day but then he was up and at 'em. He went under anesthesia, had his reproductive stuff taken out, and then that hole they got it out of was stitched (sometimes stapled or glued) right back up. He should have been given some pain medication (If not, I'd suggest finding a vet that cares). Just like human pain medication, doggie pain medications has some effects. Really, your vet should've talked with you about what's normal behavior and what's not after the surgery. :P Here: That page has a little information on it about it. Congratulations on getting him neutered. :)

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    You'll need to somewhat watch him over night,this is normal and is just from the anesthetic,some dogs are able to come home and be back to normal in a few hours whereas others it takes a bit more time.Expect him to be somewhat sluggish again tomorrow especially if he is on pain meds.If your still concerned in the morning than by all means call the vet,it wouldn't hurt right?Good luck and est wishes to you and your pup.

    Thanks for being responsible and having your dog neutered!

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  • 9 years ago

    care sheet from vet?

    call vet and ask

    i would say just sore

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