Can I mix Coldeeze and Zicam?

I am not feeling so well tonight and I think I may have a cold coming on which can NOT happen because I'm going on vacation on Friday! So I already chewed one Coldeeze gumball thing but I also have Zicam Chews so my question is can I have both? Or I heard Zicam is way better so can I eat a chew now even though I had a gumball about an hour ago? Also any other advice on how to get rid of a cold fast would be fantastic! Thanks so much!

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  • Sar
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    9 years ago
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    Zicam Rocks take one every three hours until there is no more symptoms at all. I would wait 2 more hours and just start to take the zicam.

    Source(s): Zicam makes me better
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