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Would there be any hope for me to be successful in my life when I have a disability?

So I have a learning disability and it is making me having a hard time to suceed in life. I tried going to college and I have failed almost all of my classes and now I work at mcdonalds ever since I got kicked out from the college. I also have problems trying to find a girlfriend and I have no love life at all and it sucks to be alone on valentine's day. I tried praying but nothing is getting better. Would there be any hope for me to succeed in life when I have this disability ???

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    Sounds like you could use hands on training.

    I've got a disability Every 3 to 6 months I have a Grand mal seizure

    so I've always got to make sure that I never run out of pills.

    And operating a motor vehicle would be just as hazardous to myself and others

    as if I was I can feel what you mean about a struggle.

    My suggestion to you would be to find a job that will increase your pay as you learn.

    small construction,...landscaping.

    Go work at a nursery for 2 or 3 years and gain some seniority.

    Or find a small time residential contractor to give you some on the job training.

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    There are several different types of intelligence and because of this fact, there are also several different ways to learn. You need to be tested to find your strengths and true interests and start there. You can look into an education opportunity center for aptitude tests and guidance in choosing a program and school that is right for you. Unfortunately, most degrees require certain basics be met in math and english (for instance) but fortunately, most schools have free tutoring services for students in the form of learning labs, peer and professor tutoring, and even study groups help. Start in a local community college ~ universities can be rather intimidating. My point is that you deserve to be happy, but this IS your obstacle to overcome. So you can continue on the way you are and be still flipping burgers and alone again next Valentine's Day, or you can find your strengths, let your interests guide you, and create a life you can enjoy.

    Best wishes to you!

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    YES. Get an occupation. My son (IQ 88) has a learning disability - euphemistically called dyslexia. Has a wife, two kids and nine different occupations. Glazier, Carpenter, diesel mechanic, welder (3 types), tiler, painter, handyman, All with required documented proof. Trained his memory. Looks at a window and tells you the size of each pane, and the amount of putty needed.


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    There are many stories of many people who have reached the top of their field despite disabilities that they have.

    You seem to be stuck now, so i would suggest you find a GOOD life coach and you explore the possibilities open to you.

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    God has a calling for everyone. Pray keep the faith, your get more then you ever wanted in life. Faith is a big key tho

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    we all have disabilities in this life even normal people do keep your chin up when you stop saying poor me and turn it over to God things will change one day you will meet someone who loves you for who you are and really see you for you when you least expect it it will happen

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    I have a monetary disability. I couldn't afford to go to college. Big FUKKIN DEAL.

    Get Real... Get a job and work it baby.

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    You don't have to go to college if you feel it isn't what you want.

    Find something you like. And see what you can make of it.

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    Yes, I do believe.

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