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what's your favorite song?

just want to know what other people like im into..well hard to explain but tell me what your into

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    to you have one litle ideia my favorite songs is :

    509 - E = oitavo anjo

    A 286= aciona as peças

    50 cent = many man

    50 cent = hustler ambition

    50 cent = straight the bank

    50 cent = ayo technology

    50 cent = in my hood

    50 cent e nate dogg = 21 questions

    50 cent e ne-yo = baby by me

    50 cent e eminem = you dont know

    ao cubo = o homem chora

    bone thugs n harmony = crossroad

    bone thugs n harmony = thuggish ruggish bone

    bone thugs n harmony e akon = i tried

    coolio = gangsta paradise

    chamillionaire = ridin dirty

    coolio = gangsta paradise

    compton most wanted = hood took me under

    compton most wanted = this is compton

    compton most wanted = made in compton

    dmx = lord give me a sign

    dexter e mano brow = eu sou funçao

    emicida = triunfo

    expressao ativa = na dor de uma lagrima

    eminem = lose yourself

    eminem = beautiful

    eminem = i not afraid

    eminem = when in gone

    eminem = sing for the moment

    eminem e lil wayne = drop the world

    eminem e lil wayne = no love

    Eazy-e = real compton city g

    Eazy-e = boyz n the hood

    Eazy-e = creep n crawl

    Eazy-e = how we do remix

    Eazy-e e bone thugs n harmony = foe tha love of money

    facçao central = desculpa mae

    facçao central = estrada da dor

    facçao central = bacteria fc

    facçao central = castelo triste

    g-unit e eminem = dont push me

    gangsta nation = westside connection

    ice cube = it was a good day

    ice cube = no vaseline

    ice cube = why whe thugs

    ice cube e snoop dogg = go to church

    ja rule = wonderful

    jay rock = bloodz walk

    jay rock = bloodz *****

    lil Eazy-e e bone thugs n harmony = aint a game

    ndee naldinho = essa é a lei

    ndee naldinho =o quinto vigia

    ndee naldinho = o sequestro

    ndee naldinho = conselho de mae

    ndee naldinho = aquela mina é firmeza

    nelly = grillz

    nelly = nanana

    nelly = my place

    nelly = just a dream

    nelly = n day say

    n.w.a = straight outta compton

    n.w.a = 100 miles and runnin

    n.w.a = fhuck tha police

    plies = runnin my momma crazy

    plies = 100 years

    racionais mc = a vida é um desafio

    racionais mc = diario de um detento

    racionais mc = capitulo 4 , versiculo 3

    racionais mc = vida loka pt II

    racionais mc = nego drama

    racionais mc = jesus chorou

    racionais mc = formula magica da paz

    racionais mc = estilo cachorro

    sabotage = um bom lugar

    sabotage = rap é compromisso

    sabotage = respeito é pra quem tem

    south central cartel = heat servin

    south central cartel = no peace

    south central cartel = every day

    tupac = dear mama

    tupac = guetto gospel

    tupac = changes

    tupac = brenda havin baby

    tupac = ghost

    tupac = only god can judge me

    tupac = hit em up

    tupac e snoop dogg = 2 americaz most wanted

    tupac e doctor dre = california love

    tupac e bone thugs n harmony = thug luv

    the game e 50 cent = hate it or love it

    the game = dreams

    the game e lil wayne = red nation

    the game e lil wayne = my life

    trilha sonora do gueto = vermes da terra

    trilha sonora do gueto = favela sinistra

    trilha sonora di gueto = piao de vida loka

    wiz khalifa = on my level

    wiz khalifa = yellow and black

    wiz khalifa = taylor gang

    wu tang clan = cream

    wu tang clan = protect ya neck

    wu tang clan = triumph

    xzibit = x

    xzibit = front 2 back

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  • 9 years ago

    Mostly any Eminem song from The slim shady LP and the Marshal Mathers LP

  • 9 years ago

    I love everything Except country! My fav song at the moment is "the one that got away" Katy Perry. Most of the songs in my iPod are Pop!

  • Right now my favourite song is Bring the Classics Back by Mistah FAB

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  • 9 years ago

    i like she will be loved & how to save a life(:

    can`t choose one ! haha

  • kurt
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    9 years ago

    2PAC - Last mothaf-cka breathing

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Anything by murs (:

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