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I have something un-important to tell you~?

I love you~

Dear sir or ma'am without you my life has no meaning, and I really think you should know.

Because Escalators maybe more scary than stairs, but penguins can peck the heck out of your face if you're on the ground and make them angry enough.

This is true, much love!~ <3 <3 <3


Yayy Kesha Berry is spreading the love!~ :D

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    Ummm thanks.......

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  • Tessa
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    Very true with the escalators, I have noticed their attitude myself. I think elevators/lifts are pretty scary, you just never know when they are going to snap and either lift you up til the sky til your guts explode or hurtle you down to the ground til you are mush.. Or they could stop in the middle and make you wait til they make up their mind.. I say be careful of hamsters , they have shifty eyes and don't do much.. maybe they are in cohorts with the elevators...

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    Ur bored lol

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