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Contsant whining from my dog?

my dog whines constantly no matter whether he just ate or went outside, he whines in the car,in the house,in the garage. I need to know how to stop this. I am not interested in why he does it, I just need to know what I need to do to stop it.

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    Humm...shall we assume you don't care about why your children/friends/mate feel or act as they do as well? Frankly, if you don't care about WHY your dog behaves the way he does, perhaps you shouldn't have a dog in the first place! Dogs are not "things" - they are intelligent, social creatures that have feelings! Besides food, shelter and medical care, they need love, affection, training, understanding and your time. Anything else is neglectful cruelty.

    Sorry, but your question just seems very insensitive.

    Anyway, whining can be a learned behaviour, meaning in the past you have have inadvertently rewarded him when he whined, so he now thinks that's the way to get attention. He might be bored, not getting enough exercise, or enough interaction with you or others. It also might be that he is in pain, in which case you might consider taking him to the vet for a check-up.

    Here is a link with tips about dealing with whining dogs:

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    Never hit him or jerk him around or yell or scold your dog. He must be checked by his veterinarian to be sure he isn't sick or in pain. Do you pet him much or cuddle him? Dogs are very social animals and need to be cuddled and loved just as people do. It sounds like this is really bothering you a lot and therefore you are probably shooing him away or putting him in another room. He is probably feeling very insecure and sad and wondering what he did wrong for you to be rejecting him. Try speaking to him gently with a soft patient voice and pat and cuddle him to reassure him that you do love him, because he sure does love you and you are the only one he's got.

    Check out some dog obedience classes you could take him to. This will strengthen the relationship you have with him and it will be good for him and your relationship. Do you take him out for walks on a leash or to an off-leash park? You must walk him every day for at least ½ hour or more twice a day for him to be healthy and to socialize. If you get into the habit of doing this it would not only be healthy for your dog but would be an excellent activity for you both to do together. Your dog need to have exercise in this way in order to be healthy and happy. If you are unable to provide these things for him, please find someone that will love him and give him a good home. I really would suggest that you try some of the things that I have suggested here though because having a good relationship with your pet is very rewarding for you and your pet.

    Good luck. A dog really is your best friend, so see and treat him that way and you will both be happy to be together.


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    I'm sorry you don't care WHY he does it because there could be many reasons, and the only way you can stop him in a caring way is to first get him throughly vet checked to rule out illness or pain., then discuss the whining problem with the vet

    There are many ways to STOP him doing it, none of them kind, and if that's all your concerned with then sorry but maybe you should find another owner for his sake and for yours.

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    Has he been checked by a vet? He could be in pain.

    Dogs also get anxiety the same way humans do. They make anti anxiety meds for dogs and you could check into this for your dog. They even make OTC remedies you can find at pet stores. It's worth a try.

    I have a whiney dog as well and I'm thinking about checking into this.

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