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Which is better: destroy the world or save it?

Suppose that if you have the fame, fortune and power to influence world events to your advantage or the disadvantage of others, what would you do with it: destroy the world, current society, and build a new one from the ashes or save it from destroying itself by influencing society itself and those in power? As for me, if I have the power, wealth and fame to influence the outcome of world events, I would plunge the current society into destruction, I DON'T CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE, and build a utopia or much more fun, a dystopia, where I am the boss, able to take revenge against those who have wronged me or get the last laugh over the rest of humanity...Pardon me for my cruel and hopeless view on the world and humanity but I can't seem to find anything good in the world...everyone fights each other most of the time for reasons which a "win-win" situation can be reached through compromise or dialogue, everyone is acting good towards you but eventually they'll hurt you or pull you down, everyone's taking advantage of one another and everyone is doing something that is tearing the world apart instead of working together in unity.

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    How can you build a utopia from the ashes of your wrath? The only thing worth saving is the ability of man to adapt under pressure. Personally, I would start small societies of local, independent communities; taking care of all their needs within the collective. Designate certain areas and resources for the best-fitting businesses....etc. There isn't a need to actively destroy something. Sometimes the best solution is to set yourself aside and just watch the action from afar; living the reality of being content with your surroundings. I can dream, can't I?

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    I empathize with your view and agree with your decision. In fact, that seems to be the "master plan". The only question is when and how it will happen.

    Actually, the when and how are irrelevant, since humanity cannot progress and evolve spiritually as a species under the current conditions. Too many of our species are lost and corrupt. They've forgotten the real purpose of being alive.

    Many throughout history have tried to "save the world". It is far beyond that now. All that's left to save the rest of life on this planet is to destroy the offending species and start over with those with enough wisdom to avoid the mistakes of the past.

    I hope it happens soon. I'm really tired of this s**t!

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    What you describe as 'unity' is a team of oxen under a single whip....yours.

    Your idea is neither unique, nor original. It's been tried before, many times. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and others have all tried it, and failed miserably. It is not within human power to totally destroy the world. The world will continue (although it may continue without humans in it...).

    It is possible that you are suffering from a psychosis known as Megalomania. It is treatable, and I would strongly suggest that you seek the services of a licensed psychiatrist as soon as practicable, so you can begin living a happy, and productive life, instead of being so bitter, and negative.

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    I don't know if I'm more delusional than you or less, but I'm glad I don't see the world as you do. If that's ignorance, then I'll keep it.

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    I'd just let it be. Who am I to say what is good or bad for the world? I can only say what is good or bad for me.

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    Neither. Simply protect it.

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    inAmerica wecall you a rebulican these days

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    Just let it be and adjust yourself.

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