Junior high girls issue? Need some sisterly advice cause my sister sucks?

Okay so basically I have this friend who talks non-stop about herself and other people. She's the biggest chatterbox and gossiper I've ever met. I didn't get put into that great of a class, so when we got in fights, I wouldn't have anybody. This girl's name is Jenny. Jenny, this girl named Tania and I are like the three muskateers of our class. It's been really annoying me lately, how all Jenny talks about is how good she is at hip hop, how pretty she is, how all the guys like her. She gossips, is cocky and flirts with all the guys. There's a boy named Gordon that has a skin infection or whatever. He's had it for a while now. There are lumps all over his neck, arms and legs. He's very insecure about it and embarrassed. Jenny always tells people about how disgusting it is and how disgusted she is. She says stuff like "His mom is a doctor, she should know how to fix him" when really, Jenny has no clue of what infection he even has. Anyways, today in gym, one of my other really good friends told me that Jenny, the two popular guys of the grade and some other girl were making fun of him and how disgusting it is. They were talking loudly. It made me very angry, as I have had infections and have been made fun of for them. After gym, Jenny comes up to me telling me about how she ran to the bathroom and almost threw up because it was so 'gross' and how she called her mom because of it. She told her mom that Gordon needs to get something done because it's too disgusting to look at. I finally got fed up because Gordon's a great guy that hasn't ever done anything wrong to Jenny. I started yelling at her and everybody was watching. The other girl that was making fun of Gordon was there. I said stuff like "How dare you make fun of him for something he can't help" such. She bullies so much omg.. anyways my friend had to pull me away. Now I won't have anyone tomorrow because Tania always sides and pairs up with Jenny. What do I do? :S

Ps. I'm not apologizing. Jenny's also a bff.

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    9 years ago
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    First of all I applaud you... it takes a lot of guts for a girl in junior high to stand up against her friends knowing what the outcome will be... and for a kid that very few people like too. Bravo!

    And I would never dream of suggesting you applogize to her... she should be the one doing that to Gordon. I wouldn't be surprised if she started spreading around that you liked this kid... just to get back at you for yelling at her in front of people. I hope you stay true to yourself and don't cave just to stay friends with her... as you said Gordon deserves better than that.

    And hun there's not a whole lot you can do right now cause whether it was now or in the future her attitude would have set you off at some point... she seems to be a girl that needs to have all the attention focused on her and she doesn't seem to care how that happens.

    You on the other hand sound like a much more caring person, don't let someone like that drag you down to their level... you could be such a good friend to people.... you just have to find the right ones that deserve your friendship.....

    I don't know if this helped any but I hope you realize that you did the right thing... Gordon may remember the torment he went through in junior high but he will also remember the one person who had guts enough to stand up for him too, whether he admits it or not.... and you know what hun? You can have guy friends too without having to be dating them..... js....

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    Sweetheart, find some new friends. I know you think that they are your forever friends but let me tell you something. That Jenny girl? She's horrid! And your friend Tania is insecure and weak for siding. What you did was a brave thing and you need to stick by it. All the other kids in the class probably think you're so awesome for standing up to Jenny. Really. Don't worry about it, they probably all think she's a bully too. I know all this seems like a big deal right now but in a couple weeks it'll be something else. Dump those girls and find some new friends, those girls sound like losers and you sound like you really care about people, in the long run that will get you far. Don't apologize if anything she owes you one. Just ignore her and Tania tomorrow hold your head up high and don't gossip about it. Make nice with the other kids and move on. Trust me it's not worth it.

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    I was in something similar to this when I was in.... 7th grade I think, except my friend didn't deserve it, thankfully she forgave me ehe, but onto you! This is a hard thing, but as bad as it might seem you've gotta work through this in your head a bit. I guess if your worried about being lonely, I'd befrend that Gordon guy (if it's not akward) he seems nice. Also do you still want to be friends with Jenny? If not then I really wouldn't worry about her. If You can I'd try to talk to Tania and maybe even Jenny. It's true that gossiping is horrible, and I don't think I'd be able to stay friends with her, but if you still do, apologizing for suddenly yelling would be best, however you'd have to make it clear that your still not happy and work it out with her. If all else fails then all I can tell you is to branch out and befrend others. You could try to convince Tania to 'come to your side' I suppose if you got some good alone time. Sorry if this doesn't help much, since I don't personaly know them. what you do is entirly up to you, but good luck with whatever you decide to do :3

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    Jenny is not gonna change, She is eating up this attention like lunch. what is gonna happen when you tell her something in confidence and she blabs it over to everyone? How embarrassing would that be? You also have to keep in mind that she seems like the type to lie about you, so what has she already said behind your back. I really think you need to put distance between you and her, even if only for a little while. Just see how she takes it, if she trys to talk to you, then she actually cares, if she moves on and continues to act like this, then good riddance. you need good and decent friends right now.

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  • 9 years ago

    tell jenny the truth he might have eczema which is very bad skin infection my brother has it she should not make fun of it because it is very fkn painful at times and hat would she know make new friends or make it clear to her to stop being so self centered

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    If it were me, i'd kick her ***. Lol. But, be mature and walk away from the situation. If it keeps occuring tell them principal everytime it happens. Bullyings a big deal nowadays.

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