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yugioh question D.D Destroyer?

If i have D.D Destroyer and i gave it to my opponent with creature swap. And then later its removed from play(banished) and then it goes to my banished zone. Do i use its effect then or does my opponent?

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    It is removed from play To your removed from play pile therefore YOU get the effect. The same thing happens for Sangan, Goblin Zombie, And any other cards that are sent to your graveyard/removed from play pile.

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    I am not entirely sure of the answer to who gets the effect, but in a direct response to a fellow contributor, it may be worth it to read cards like Beast Rage, D.D. Unicorn Knight, D.D.M. Different Dimension Master, and several others that reference "your removed from play" monsters. If there were not a removed from play "pile" for each player, why does this specifically reference your monsters that were removed from play?

    This would lead me to believe that the owner of the card gets the effect, just like Sangan. But for a ruling, I would talk to a local judge.

  • will
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    its your card, it goes to your banished section, players do have their own banished pile , if your opponent tributed your d.d. survivor would they get it back at the end of the turn? no ofc they wouldnt its your card, its your effect when it leaves play - the question was somewhat valid but peters response was retarded

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  • Rod
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    Its effect activates from your "zone", so it is activated by you. You get to use the effect.

    It works the same way with Mystic Tomato in the Graveyard. The owner gets the effect because it activates from the owner's Graveyard.

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  • Peter
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    Um, Justin, there is no "Your removed pile and My removed pile" there is a removed from play zone. Whoever controlled the monster when it left play gets the effect.

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