Am I being lesbian friendzoned?

Okay, it's been over a month and 2 weeks now since i've actually been texting this chick.

I've known her for awhile before that and ive always had this crush. So finally I confessed, not expecting anything but got a positive response back.

We agreed to take it slow, but I'm not worried that it's too slow or fast--im worried that she doesn't know what she wants--or she's being nice =__=....or maybe im just a retard

We've had a few problems where i complained that she doesn't always text me, or would text HI and always get my response and never text back, or I'd text and NEVER get a response until 12+ hours later where she'd usally ignore what i said--get my reponse--and ignore me again.

So we argued about this and I told her that i was Skeptical of her feelings and that i'm ready to bail before this goes bad FOR ME.

She was convincing that she really did like me back and was willing to prove it. So for a little over one week we text happily until suddenly one night she started feeling "depressed." I gave her space by not texting until she did. We didn't text that much because she just stopped saying anything.

Anyway, since that day, she has gone back to her old ways where she barely texts me and this time i don't whine but it hurts because I'm starting to wonder about her feelings. Naturally she calls me "beautiful girl" in Japanese and the day before valentines day she called me her "precious friend" =___= (maybe im reading too much)

On V Day we planned to talk on the phone for the first time, she came through. But things got weird when her phone started cutting off until the third time where she simply sent a text apologizing. I respond with "T.T", no response on her part...

Have I been friendzoned? lol.....It really hurts but i think I should just forget her because if i whine anymore I might push her farther away that just a friend.

If someone likes you, don't they just want to text you almost all the time or talk to you?

At the same time, i don't want to lose her by running away if indeed she does like me.

What can/should I do? Please help me, i've never been in this type of situation before.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Some people just naturally do not like to text/talk on the phone. Long distance relationships are hard to keep up. I do not think she doesn't like you, however, you have to remember that she does have a life; and she needs to live it. :/

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